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Minutes of the Board of Directors for January 4, 2024



Minutes of the Board of Directors for January 4, 2024

Call to Order:

The meeting was held in person; called to order at 4:30 pm. Present were Carla Gurovich, Jack Williams, Janet St John, Jim Buck, Jim Williams, and Riah Onstott. Dennis Bell was absent. Chris M., MAR operations manager, was also present. No guests were present.

Guest Comments:
None noted.

Board Voted Director Election

- Dennis Bell (Incumbent)
- Ronnie Thomas

Voting Result: Ronnie

Officer’s Election

- President
- Nominated: Carla
- Voting Result: All
- Vice-President
- Nominated: Jim W
- Voting Result: All
- Secretary:
- Nominated: Ronnie
- Voting Result: All
- Treasurer
- Nominated: Jim B
- Voting Result: All
- Assistant-Secretary (for banking purposes)
- Nominated: Chris May
- Voting Result: All

Approval of September 28, 2023 meeting minutes

Treasurer reports for September, October, and November were moved from the draft minutes to the January 4 minutes. Motion to approve minutes as revised from Jim B, second by Janet.

No Discussion
Unanimous Approval

Motions Passed Since September 28th meeting:

- November 29 Motion from Janet STJ to approve the version of the latest draft of the campsite agreement. Second from Dennis Bell. Votes were as follows: Janet, Jim W, Jim B, Riah, and Dennis voted Yes; Jack W voted No.

Manager’s Report

The report was emailed on 1/3/2024 and is pasted to the bottom of these minutes.

- Motion (Janet) to approve up to $2200 (including tax) for a new commercial washer and dryer as described in her report. Seconded by Riah. All in favor.
- Jack to provide a list of sanitation supplies required for pool and hot tub to Chris.

Membership Report – Ellen R (via email)

Last meeting: November 18, 2023.

- Application Policy: Applicants have 60 days to complete the process; thereafter, they must start over once.
- Increasing membership: Discussed after-tour surveys, calling incomplete applicants, and member referral incentives for new "full members."

Membership Count as of 12/30/2023:

- Full: 365 (75.88%)
- FOM: 126 (24.11%)
- Total: 474 (Previously 518)

Waitlist as of 12/30/23:

- 26 men, dates ranging from 6/21/22 to 12/30/23. Last year at this time, 11 men were waitlisted.
- No men have cleared the list in months.
- Discussion about waitlisted men volunteering for a free visit.

New election results brought Michelle C. and James B. onto the committee, with Jason B. and Chuck J. off the committee.

Treasurer’s Report – Jim Buck

See attached PDF

- QB issues resolution by: 1/31/2024
- Fire Mitigation Plan: Currently unaffordable, to revisit later.
- Budgeting: Received numbers from membership and facilities; to follow up with Entertainment and Publicity.

Follow up to November Report
Continue to minimize expenses; $127K loss projected for 2023. Carla & Jim B to review the Fire Mitigation Plan.


Infrastructure Project Update – Jim Williams & Jack Williams

Details of project progress and expenses were discussed, including the pool refinishing and completion of stairs scheduled for spring. Electrical and stairs projects are ongoing to stay within budget.

Wildfire Planning & Mitigation Update

Grant writer submitted requests to private foundations, no responses received yet.

Technology & Wi-Fi Update & Recommendations – Uriah

Network is stable. Plan to replace devices and cancel services with Rise due to stability. Medical alert system postponed due to funding.

New Business


Next Meeting:
Regular Meeting – Thursday, April 11, 2024 – Webex at 4:30 pm

Motion from Riah, second by Jim W; unanimously approved at 5:44 pm.

Minutes of the Board of Directors for July 27, 2023



Mountain Air Ranch

Minutes of the Board of Directors for July 27,2023

Call to Order:  

The meeting was held in person; called to order at 5:32 pm, with the following: Dennis Bell, Jack Williams, Janet St John, Jim Buck, Jim Williams, and Riah Onstott.  Chris M., MAR operations manager, and Ellen R, Membership Committee chair, were also present.  Guests included: Bob L, Bill S, Tammy K, Mark R, Linda T, Trey C.


Guest Comments:

Approval of June 15, 2023 meeting minutes

Ellen requested the word “next” be inserted in the Membership Committee’s report: The next committee’s meeting is 6/17/23 and several files are ready for review. Motion to approve minutes as revised from Jim B second by Uriah O.

Discussion: None Vote: All approved.        

Motions Passed Since June 15 meeting:

1.  West Side Pool DeckContracts (including permitting, demo and concrete work) 7/22: Jack moved that we accept both contracts; Janet seconded.

Unanimously approved.

2. RV Meadow Site AgreementAddendum Revision 7/24 Jim B moved to approve the revised Addendum; Janet S seconded.

Approved by Jim B, Jim W,Jack, Uriah, Janet; Dennis approved at this meeting.

Unanimously approved.

Manager’s Report

·     Status of Property Insurance Bid Process

·     Plans for Annual Member Meeting

·     Confirm date (not currently on website calendar)and location.

·     Plan for review of draft slides starting inAugust.

(See attached report, download minutes below)

Membership Report – Ellen R

A membership mixer was held June 8th . The weather was beautiful. Many people were there for the SkinnyDip Picture. It was a huge turnout. The committee did a great job. MembershipCount as of 7/16/2023

·     Male: 303 60.84%

·     Female: 195 39.16%

·     Total 498

·     Full: 367 75%

·     FOM: 122 25% 

·     Waitlist as of 7/26/23

·     17 men, from 6/21/22 to 6/17/23

·     Waiting from 39 days to 400 days. Average 243days.

Luke S moved out of state.Christine H., of Jeff & Christine, joined the committee. The committee is full again. Proposed change to Membership Committee By-laws revised 05/03/22.Article V Committee Functions, Section B. Complaints, Paragraph 10 Appeals.“Any disciplinary action may be appealed in writing to the Committee by the disciplined member within the 30-day period following the member’s receipt of notification of the disciplinary action. Etc.” Change 30-day period to 10-day period.

Janet moved to approve the change from 30 days to 10 days for an appeal to the Membership Committee after any disciplinary action. Jack seconded.

Unanimously approved.

The committee’s next mixer is 8/12/23 and next meeting 8/20/23.

Treasurer’s Report

June 2023 Balance Sheet Cash$22,274 Assets$507,625 Liabilities($65,872) Net worth$441,753 June 2023 P&L Income$84,301 Expense($88,263) Net Income($3,962) June 2023 vs June 2022  20232022 Income$84,301$57,753 Expenses($88,263)($85,870) Net Income($3,962)($28,117) June 2023 YTD vs June 2022 YTD 20232022 Income$486,591$295,388 Expenses($256,929)($282,111) Net Income$229,662$13,277

Our accountant is working on completing our 2022 tax return. We are still working on straightening out a few things in QuickBooks.

I believe several expenses shown on the June P&L should be charged against the Capital ImprovementAccount. I am not 100% comfortable with the financial reports.

My report is based on the numbers QuickBooks is showing me. My cash number is based on cash on hand lessChild Credit Account, Capital Improvement Account, Memorial Garden Account, HotTub Fund Account and Wait List Account. Those accounts are all liabilities. Hence, our cash on hand is not a good balance.

I suggest we do not incur any additional expenses and that we be diligent in watching infrastructure expense and stay within our projected budget expense amounts.

Jim W suggested putting $45K for the Memorial Garden donation into a CD.

Where do we get the additional money to cover the current overage above original projection. Jim B– if projected revenues come in, then we can move forward. But we projected$83K in assessments and we have approximately $62K. We see about $13K short fall a year; there is no way we can do anything else until we know for sure until we see the final cost of this project.

Carla -we do not have any money for the addition or goats; she would like to see us go ahead and hire the grant writer for $5-7K – deadline for gov’t grants is October for distribution in March. Carla will do a little more research and submit a motion to the Board via email.

Jack moved to approve theTreasurer’s Report; Jim W second – unanimous approval

On July 27, 2023, Jim B submitted the following revision to the Treasurer’s


As of today, we have an operating fund balance of $162,061 after subtracting the wait list funds and the Hot Tub funds. I feel much better about our current financial picture as this represents approximately 4 months of operating expense.

·     Capital Improvement account has a balance of$117,126

·     Memorial Garden account balance is $45,000.

·     Child Credit Account balance is $40,677.

Approval of the Treasurer’sReport with this revision will be sought via email prior to the next scheduledopen Board meeting.

Old Business

Infrastructure Project Update– Jim Williams

Jim and Jack W reviewed projected vs actual costs. Chris suggested using some of the donation for theMemorial Garden (~$5,000) to improve the road to it – the Board approved.

Dennis suggested long term projection for acquiring a skidster (new or used) – Board members expressed concern about liability. Chris will put together projection.

Health Department inspection is an open item that Jack and Jim W will be confirming – they usually look for gates, security, decks, chemicals, water flow. The GC should know; Jack and JimW will check with him. When the demolition is performed, the engineer will need to review the site to see if there is anything hidden that he needs to incorporate into the plans.

Dennis – how long will it take before we slide down the hill?

Jack – the engineer said it is not an emergency; he has seen a lot of old buildings like that.

Dennis – he would like to see that we put the focus on mechanization as a priority.

Linda T. suggested covering over the upper concrete deck with stamped concrete. Jim W. mentioned that we were advised not to do that because it is difficult to match up in the future.

Uriah – regarding the stamped concrete – it may be beneficial for MAR to have their own stamp. Jack mentioned that it is very difficult to match the concrete when we need to patch in the future.

Uriah moved to approve the pool, hot tub and deck project for the total sum of $375K-$452K, recognizing that we will have to put off the Clubhouse addition and the funds earmarked for goats for the time being; Jim B seconded.

Unanimously approved

Fire Mitigation – Set SpecialBoard Meeting Date to Address Fire Mitigation

August 16th at Clubhouse at 4pm

Carla will work with Dennison agenda prep.

Technology & Wi-Fi Update& Recommendations – Uriah

Wi-Fi System:

A new security gateway has been ordered and pre-programmed. Waiting for the changeover for the week of8/7/23. Neteo has been serviced and is back up and running as a full backup. Internet has improved. Wi-Fi access points are being replaced in the following areas:

·     Cedar Building AP Pro

·     Courts Mesh AP

Additional access points are being added in the following areas to improve and expand network:

·     Center of RV meadow

·     Water Tanks

Jack asked Uriah to prepare an article for the Newsletter asking members NOT to touch access point equipment.

Phone Systems (VOIP):

Office phones have improved in stability since some work on the office network.

Pool phone is back up and running.

LTE Extenders have arrived and are being provisioned by Verizon the week of 8/7/23

Phone number has been changed and will be publicized.

Gate System:

The automatic gate system controller (not the arm/motor) has finally failed and is no longer operable.The motor is still working fine but is locked in the open position until we get a new controller. Estimate: $2,300

·     I will be checking my office to see if I have something we can run temporarily.

·     I was able to extract all the current cards/pins to upload into a new system.

·     New system should be available by the week of 8/7/23.

·     All will still be within the technology budget.

Carla expressed thanks toUriah from the Board for all his efforts to keep MAR up and running.

Uriah is preparing a proposal for an emergency medical alert system located strategically within the Ranch, informing Inter Canyon and 911.

New Business


Next Meeting: Regular Meeting– August 24, 2023 at 5:30pm
Adjournment: Motion from Jim B, 2nd by Janet S; unanimously approved.
Meeting adjourned at 7:05pm.

 Manager’s Report July, 2023

·     Chase Main Account balance $242,163.79

·     Chase Cap Improvement balance $117,126.06

·     Chase Memorial Garden balance $45,000.00

·     Chase Child Credit balance $40,677.27

·     (All above balances are as of 4:15pm ThursdayJuly 27 th directly out of Chase)

·     AR has been taking up most of my day. (Reportavailable)

·     Cap Improvement deposit checks cut (per Jack)

·     $77,815.75 have not cleared; hot tub funds to bemoved to cap improvement account

·     Late summer and fall staff projects:

1.    Old dumpster area cleanup

2.    New dumpster area fencing and gate

3.    Fire mitigation around MAR buildings

4.    Fire escape road maintenance to repair ruts onthe road and add reflectors/flags to mark the

1.    road parameters; also need to add signs to direct people to that road.

5.    Memorial Garden maintenance and upgrade – added arch and it is now overgrown (we need to weed-whack it)

·     Can a waitlisted person be on the site list? –to be discussed by Board via email.

·     Can we apply grounds fees to waitlisted full members, from before they were waitlisted, when they are cleared. – current credit covers ground fees incurred up to 90 days prior to membership approval; question asks whether we can apply that same amount to whenever man is moved off of waitlist – to be discussed by Board via email.

·     Can Waitlisted persons volunteer? – the Board will resolve via email.

·     I am off Friday July 28th and Saturday the 29th .

·     Danny & Jamie B have been nominated for “AANR Western Region nomination for Family of the Year”

·     Chris asked that if anyone needs her attention(other than for an emergency) to please make an appointment so she can give you her full attention.

·     Insurance bid process – supplied secondary company with all information (by 7/8) but they could not get it done by the deadline; requested competitive bid for next year; will still cover D&O; auto insurance is through State Farm now.

·     Date for MAR annual meeting: 9/9/23 – Carla

Board of Directors Wildfire Planning Meeting



Mountain Air Ranch

Minutes of the Board of Directors Wildfire Planning Meeting

Call to Order:

The meeting was held in person on August 16, 2023 and called to order at 4:06 pm, with the following Board members present: Jack Williams, Janet St John, Jim Buck, Jim Williams, and Uriah Onstott; and Chris M., MAR operations manager. Dennis B was unable to attend. Guests included: Bob L, Caleb C, Trey C,

Statement of Purpose for Planning Meeting:

Carla stated that there have been so many emails and lengthy meeting discussions about elements of fire mitigation, but we don’t yet have sufficient direction. She stressed that it was important to get together to focus on the. Wildfire Planning and Mitigation topic so that we clarify information, priorities and tasks with regard to wildfire mitigation.

Recap Status of Current Wildfire Planning activities

Grant Contract – Carla

  • As Carla reviewed obvious available grants, she noticed that MAR is not eligible for most grants (not a 501(c)(3), not selling wood, etc.). One grant for which MAR may have been eligible was past the due date for submission.
  • Probably still worth our while to hire Jennifer, but we are not eligible for the major grants. Many  grants focus on HOAs, but MAR is a property owner and falls in that gray area. Hopefully, she will find some that MAR would still be eligible for.
  • Carla authorized payment and told Chris to go ahead and work with Jennifer using the preferred payment method

Trail Clean Up Crew – Bob L

Last year, the trail crew cleared 1,000 ft x 40 ft wide on east ridge; this year the crew will complete 600 ft x 40 ft wide on west ridge. Cutting scrub oak; firebreak is on the downhill side of the crest of each ridge; crew is focusing on cutting scrub oak; cutting branches 6 ft and lower to prevent fire from getting into the canopy.

  • Carla mentioned the branch trimming height requirement when doing wildfire assessments for insurance carriers is 10 ft from ground level for cutting branches. Chris confirmed the 10 ft height in Colorado State guidelines for tree branch trimming.
    Bob said that he had been told by Richard to use 6 ft as the guide but that it would not be much trouble to do 10 ft and do the trees already done.
  • Carla asked if any thinning (removal) of trees had been done and Bob said no and that their focus has been on scrub oak removal and trimming.
  • The trail crew meets once a month and have only met 3 days this year. The west ridge is a lot longer than the east ridge (1,000 ft.). Bob is surprised at how slow the scrub oak is growing back. The group can clear about a mile a year on trails only – 5 years to take care of main trails. 
  • Carla said that she had read in her research about a chemical that couldbe used during scrub oak removal to keep them from growing back. Bob said that Danny had told him he has a chemical to put on trees within 15 minutes of cutting to kill the roots, which is used by the national park service and state forest service. Carla asked Bob to look at what we haveleft to clear and incorporate use of this chemical.
  •  MAR has had up to 24 volunteers on the trail crew. Bob goes up on his own prior to volunteer days and marks the area for clearing. It would take about 10 years to do the entire property (at 1,000 ft a year). The west ridge will require 400 ft more this year and 1,000 ft next year to complete the west ridge.
  •  Bob needs the following support from MAR: 
  1. full meal coupons for each volunteer to use whenever they choose; 
  2. Carla approved purchase of 5 more pruners (at $40 each); 
  3. Bob mentioned using a “masticator”; 
  4. ATV or gas-powered vehicle to pull chipper to where crews are working;
  5. Employees to operate/move chipper.

Firebreak Measuring and Marking – Dennis

Since Dennis was not available, no update

Tagging, Marking & Removal of Trees and Scrub Oak Near MAR Buildings – Chris

Chris suggested 9/16, 9/30, 10/14, 10/28 work days for volunteer schedule to be organized by building location on each date, starting at the gatehouse and moving up the property.

  • Carla – from recent research it looks like we will need to obtain what is called a Defensible Space Permit with regard to replacing the deck (Colorado requirement); has to be inspected by county approved forester (Carla sent requirements to Jack and a link is provided at the end of these minutes). 
  • [Post meeting note: Dennis alerted the Board to the Defensive Space Permit requirement in an email date 6/25/2023]
  • Chris reported improvements on fire exit road by John Z and additional work to be completed on one corner.

Signage and Marking of Evacuation Routes – Dennis

  • Chris mentioned evacuation routes are already marked and does not think illuminated signs have been ordered.
  •  Dennis wants to put in a fire danger sign (Smoky the Bear type sign seen on others places on Deer Creek Canyon Rd) on MAR property at the entrance. After discussion regarding the value and priority of that type of sign for MAR, as well as the maintenance requirements, Carla asked if there was a motion.
  • Motion from Jack: MAR will NOT put up a fire danger sign on MAR property. Jim B seconded. No discussion. Unanimously approved motion. Uriah volunteered to create fire exit signage to post in MAR public buildings.
  • West exit is pedestrian only and there is concern that members/visitors will not understand that in the event of an emergency. Disabled members may not be able to get out the west exit.
  • Bob reported that he had previously sent a letter to the property owner of land on the other side of west ridge where we would exit offering to cut scrub oak, with no response. To improve west exit, we may need to seek an easement to facilitate west ridge exit over the owner’s property. For east exit, will need to go up to rescue/recovery area if Murphy Gulch
    Road is impassible.
  • Chris suggested finding professionals that we could hire on a contract basis, as needed, to provide mitigation direction and labor for trimming/thinning (Chris to contact Rachel/Fire Marshal about posting signs soliciting contract help at the fire stations).

Wildfire Mitigation Plan

Define/Agree on What Type of Document we are writing.

  • Carla said that in board emails exchanged previously, there had been disagreement regarding what type of document we needed to create. Dennis has been emphatic that a CWPP is required.
  • Board members had emails discussions, with Carla maintaining that MAR does not fall under the requirement for a CWPP since we are an individual property owner. 
  • But MAR does need a written plan with identified priorities. This is similar to a Forest Mitigation Plan that was requested by the county in response to the original ODP.
  • Carla asked Jim W to review his notes from the ODP discussions with JeffCo to determine exactly what the county asked for (what type of plan/document).
  • Chris suggests we enlist Jackie (Murphy Gulch Community Ambassador) who has resources to help us to put together a plan to be approved. 
  • Carla agreed to contact Jackie and other fire department resources to get input and advice (update – email sent 08/21)


  • How will we get additional volunteers? – Suggested near time, should solicit at Firemen Fundraiser event and annual meeting
  • Agreed that BOD direction will guide decisions on priorities, team leader assignment and task management rather Staff to be team leaders to manage requirements based on BOD direction rather than information volunteered from participants.

Identify Priorities & Next Steps

  • Discussed that initial mitigation efforts would focus on: 
  • Around buildings
  • Along major MAR roads
  • Along fire breaks/exits
  • Need to complete the priorities and task list; Carla and Janet will do this hopefully in time for board meeting 08/24
  • Carla asked about how in the latest Newsletter in the Site Holder section, we made it sound like removal of scrub oak was part of the site agreement
  • Many of our site holders cannot physically perform mitigation. 
  • Chris stated that she did not mean to make it sound like it was part of the Site Holder agreement. 
  • Group agreed that there should be a plan to identify which scrub oaks around individual sites should be removed since some of them provide ground stability for the adjacent hillsides. Chris agreed that we should look at sites on a case by case basis and develop a plan which would include the “how (based on site holder capability) and when (based on location/priority for defensible space purposes).
  •  [After meeting note: Plan should also include consideration of costs for scrub oak removal and how that will be funded.]

Emergency/Evacuation Communication plan

  • Riah suggested putting in emergency system with a broadcast siren notifying those on property of the need to evacuate.
  • Chris was directed to purchase additional bull horns for evacuation communication.
  •  Riah will reach out to Rachel regarding a communication plan, fire marshal for our fire district.
  • Caleb – we need to mark directions so everyone knows which exit to use and how to get to it.

State Forest Service Property Review

  • Jim B suggested we should research the possibility of paying the forest service to review our property and provide recommendations.
  • Carla asked Jim B to explore this and advise via email 
  • [after meeting update – no answer and no call back; Carla sent email on 8/21]
Adjournment: Motion from Janet S, 2nd by Riah; unanimously approved. 
Meeting adjourned at 5:30 pm.

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