Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do people choose nude recreation?

People choose nude recreation for a variety of reasons, but the common threads are a sense of freedom and relaxation it provides. Being free from clothing can help reduce stress and promote a greater sense of peace and well-being. Additionally, the acceptance and celebration of different body types that is often found in nude recreation environments can lead to improved self-esteem and body image.

What are the benefits of nude recreation?

Nude recreation has numerous benefits, including reduced stress, improved mental well-being, and increased self-esteem. When people are not self-conscious about their clothing, they can focus on feeling comfortable in their own skin, which can lead to a positive body image and a sense of acceptance of one's own physical appearance. Furthermore, being in nature without clothing can provide a unique sensory experience that can promote relaxation and a deeper connection to the natural world.

What are the characteristics of Mountain Air Ranch?

Mountain Air Ranch is an AANR nudist resort that is known for its wholesome and friendly environment. The ranch offers a variety of activities and events that cater to people who enjoy nude recreation, including hiking, swimming, hot tubs, and social gatherings. It is a community where guests can feel comfortable and accepted, regardless of their race, body type, sexual orientation, gender-identity, or age. The staff and management at Mountain Air Ranch are dedicated to maintaining a safe and inclusive space for everyone to enjoy.

Is nudist recreation an accepted mainstream activity?

Yes, nudist recreation is a mainstream activity that has grown into a $400 million industry in North America, with 54 million Americans having skinny-dipped in mixed company. Nudist resorts offer a variety of upscale and rustic options, including sports, events, and opportunities to meet new people.

What kind of people will I find at Mountain Air Ranch?

You will find a diverse group of people of all ages, professions, orientations, cultures, and body types at Mountain Air Ranch. Without clothing, it is less likely you will be able to identify someone's occupation or social status.

Will I feel self-conscious?

Most first-time visitors adjust to social nudity in a matter of minutes and find that it is not as big a deal as they initially thought. However, some may feel self-conscious before undressing, especially if they are the only ones not nude.

What about children?

Children are welcomed at Mountain Air Ranch and often quickly adjust to the nudist lifestyle. The resort offers a variety of activities and facilities for children to enjoy.

Do I have to be naked all the time?

While some visitors prefer to be naked 24 hours a day, others choose to dress in the evenings, for meals, or for certain sports activities. The only areas where nudity is required are the pool, sauna and hot tub.

How will I feel if I am not in great physical shape?

Everyone is accepted at Mountain Air Ranch, regardless of body shape or size. The resort reflects society at large and offers a relaxed, accepting environment for all.

What about nudism and religion?

Nudists of all faiths, as well as those of no faith, are represented at nudist resorts and find that nudity brings them closer to their creator. Nudism and religion are not considered inconsistent with one another.

Do men get visibly excited?

It is rare for men to become visibly excited at a nudist resort. Nudist clubs are typically less sexually charged than places where provocative clothing is worn. In rare cases, simply covering up or taking a quick dip in the pool can help. Please be advised that any form of public sexual activity is strictly prohibited at MAR. Any individuals engaging in such behavior will be asked to leave the property immediately. Nudist clubs are meant to be a safe and welcoming environment for all individuals to enjoy social nudity in a non-sexual manner. Please respect the rules and regulations of the resort and help maintain a comfortable and respectful atmosphere for everyone.

What if we receive unwelcome advances?

Unwelcome advances are rare at Mountain Air Ranch, but if they do occur, please inform resort management or a member of our Membership Committee, these members can be spotted wearing a blue MAR key. Steps will be taken to prevent it from happening again. Unacceptable behavior is not tolerated. Disruptive behavior or activities, including physical or verbal acts that could harm, embarrass, or offend others, as well as damage to or theft of MAR or other's property, is strictly prohibited at Mountain Air Ranch. The safety and comfort of our members and guests is our #1 concern.

How can I make my significant other more comfortable with nudist recreation?

It may help to emphasize the family-oriented atmosphere at Mountain Air Ranch and that the resort is not sexually charged. The club is comprised of people of all shapes and sizes, so everyone is accepted for who they are. If you're looking for information on nudist recreation from a female perspective, consider exploring the AANR website's pages on Family Values and Nudism From a Women's Perspective.

Will my picture be taken, or my privacy compromised?

Mountain Air Ranch understands that privacy is paramount to our members and their families. There is never any requirement to be publicly identified or consent to have one's picture taken. The one exception is if one applies for membership, this process requires a current photo, written application, six signatures from Membership Committee members, and a copy of one's driver's license or ID. Photo identification is required for admission to Mountain Air Ranch, along with other measures to ensure guest security. And just for your peace of mind, the tasteful images that appear on our website have been taken with the written permission of the subject(s) depicted.

What can I expect from my first visit to Mountain Air Ranch?

Mountain Air Ranch provides a friendly, stress-free atmosphere that you'd expect from a club where people enjoy social recreation with their family and friends.

What facilities are offered at Mountain Air Ranch?

Facilities include: a swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, children's playground, exercise area, bocce court, shuffleboard, hiking trails, volleyball courts, community kitchen, lodging, and camping options.

Is lodging available at Mountain Air Ranch?

We offer tent camping, RV meadow with hookups, and rooms for rent. Check out our Accommodations and Rate Sheet for more information and to make a reservation.

Can I bring my pet to Mountain Air Ranch?

Pets are allowed and must follow Jefferson County animal control regulations you can read more info about pet standards in our Standards of Conduct.

What is the cost of visiting Mountain Air Ranch?

Your first visit is free if you live within 90 miles, just give us a call to schedule. Otherwise, see our Daily Grounds Fees and Visiting and Membership on the Rate Sheet.

Is smoking allowed at Mountain Air Ranch?

Smoking and vaping are prohibited indoors in all buildings and within 25 feet of entrance, trails, fenced swimming pool and children's playground areas. Extinguished cigarette butts should be disposed of responsibly. Illegal drugs are not allowed. MAR abides by state law regarding the use of marijuana.