Colorado’s Family Nudist Resort for 88 years

Mountain Air Ranch logo floating above the stunning Mar Clubhouse surrounded by breathtaking scenery including a double rainbow and a carved stone sign that reads 'Mountain Air Ranch' on display at the front office.

Mountain Air Ranch, or MAR as it is affectionately known, is Colorado's only family nudist resort. For over 8 decades we have worked to foster a wholesome and relaxed atmosphere for families to enjoy nude recreation and we strive to maintain a respectful environment where everyone feels comfortable and at ease.

Mountain Air Ranch logo floating above the stunning Mar Clubhouse surrounded by breathtaking scenery including a double rainbow and a carved stone sign that reads 'Mountain Air Ranch' on display at the front office.

Spend some time in the Mountain Air, Naturally

At Mountain Air Ranch, there's something for everyone! From fitness to leisure, family fun and new social events every month, your visit will be unforgettable.

Outdoor Pool

Relax and rejuvenate in our outdoor heated pool, featuring comfortable lounge chairs and stunning views.

Hot Tub & Sauna

Soothe your senses in our hot tub and sauna, providing ultimate relaxation and wellness year-round.


Unwind and connect with friends at our spacious clubhouse, offering a cozy lounge and hosting memorable events.

Athletic Courts

Get active at our diverse athletic courts, featuring paddle tennis, bocce, horseshoes and more.

Hiking Trails

Explore our 10+ miles of private hiking trails, surrounded by nature's beauty.

Kid's Room & Playground

Let the kids play and have fun in our playroom and playground.

Please note: Our pool and hot tub are currently closed for renovations. However, our sauna and clubhouse remain open for your enjoyment. Sunbathing options are still available. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to unveiling our improved amenities soon. Follow our Instagram @MountainAirRanchResort for progress updates on our exciting renovations!

Upcoming Events at MAR
December 9, 2023 5:00 PM

December Game Day

Free Event

Join the Game Crew for a fun-filled night of card and board games, including Dominos, Hearts, Spades, Wizard, and more.

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Upcoming Events at MAR
December 16, 2023 2:00 PM

Christmas Cookie Exchange

Free Event

Join us for our annual Christmas cookie exchange!

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Upcoming Events at MAR
December 16, 2023 6:00 PM

Ho-Ho-Holiday Karaoke

Free- Donations Welcome

Join us for a heartwarming Holiday Carol Karaoke Night, following our December cookie exchange, and sing along to classic carols with a heartwarming twist, spreading joy and creating cherished memories with friends and family.

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Upcoming Events at MAR
December 31, 2023 6:00 PM

New Year's Eve Masquerade Dinner and Dance

Dinner $35 a Plate, Dance $30 a Person

Celebrate the turn of the Year at our New Year's Eve Masquerade Ball with dinner and dancing with the G-Street Band!

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Discover all the fun at MAR. Our event calendar is packed with loads of fun events for everyone! Never miss out on a great time.

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Stay au naturel at Mountain Air Ranch

A Community for Everyone

At Mountain Air Ranch, we aim to provide a members-first social club experience that prioritizes creating a safe, respectful, and comfortable environment for all guests. Our community-oriented atmosphere, blend of family-friendly activities, and leisure opportunities in the front range mountains make us a unique destination for relaxation and fun.

A Place for Families

At Mountain Air Ranch, the safety and enjoyment of our families are our top priority. We offer a wide range of activities designed for families to come together and create unforgettable memories.

Building Lasting Connections

As a members-first social club, Mountain Air Ranch is more than just a place to vacation. Our community is built on strong connections and the shared values of our members. Join us to be a part of something special.

A Scenic Retreat

Mountain Air Ranch is 150 acres, situated in the front range mountains, offering breathtaking views and access to the great outdoors. Enjoy leisure activities and take in the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Most Common Questions

You probably have question, and we have answers

Why do people choose nude recreation?

People choose nude recreation for a variety of reasons, but the common threads are a sense of freedom and relaxation it provides. Being free from clothing can help reduce stress and promote a greater sense of peace and well-being. Additionally, the acceptance and celebration of different body types that is often found in nude recreation environments can lead to improved self-esteem and body image.

What are the benefits of nude recreation?

Nude recreation has numerous benefits, including reduced stress, improved mental well-being, and increased self-esteem. When people are not self-conscious about their clothing, they can focus on feeling comfortable in their own skin, which can lead to a positive body image and a sense of acceptance of one's own physical appearance. Furthermore, being in nature without clothing can provide a unique sensory experience that can promote relaxation and a deeper connection to the natural world.

What are the characteristics of Mountain Air Ranch?

Mountain Air Ranch is an AANR nudist resort that is known for its wholesome and friendly environment. The ranch offers a variety of activities and events that cater to people who enjoy nude recreation, including hiking, swimming, hot tubs, and social gatherings. It is a community where guests can feel comfortable and accepted, regardless of their race, body type, sexual orientation, gender-identity, or age. The staff and management at Mountain Air Ranch are dedicated to maintaining a safe and inclusive space for everyone to enjoy.