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Minutes of the Board of Directors for January 4, 2024

Call to Order:

The meeting was held in person; called to order at 4:30 pm. Present were Carla Gurovich, Jack Williams, Janet St John, Jim Buck, Jim Williams, and Riah Onstott. Dennis Bell was absent. Chris M., MAR operations manager, was also present. No guests were present.

Guest Comments:
None noted.

Board Voted Director Election

- Dennis Bell (Incumbent)
- Ronnie Thomas

Voting Result: Ronnie

Officer’s Election

- President
- Nominated: Carla
- Voting Result: All
- Vice-President
- Nominated: Jim W
- Voting Result: All
- Secretary:
- Nominated: Ronnie
- Voting Result: All
- Treasurer
- Nominated: Jim B
- Voting Result: All
- Assistant-Secretary (for banking purposes)
- Nominated: Chris May
- Voting Result: All

Approval of September 28, 2023 meeting minutes

Treasurer reports for September, October, and November were moved from the draft minutes to the January 4 minutes. Motion to approve minutes as revised from Jim B, second by Janet.

No Discussion
Unanimous Approval

Motions Passed Since September 28th meeting:

- November 29 Motion from Janet STJ to approve the version of the latest draft of the campsite agreement. Second from Dennis Bell. Votes were as follows: Janet, Jim W, Jim B, Riah, and Dennis voted Yes; Jack W voted No.

Manager’s Report

The report was emailed on 1/3/2024 and is pasted to the bottom of these minutes.

- Motion (Janet) to approve up to $2200 (including tax) for a new commercial washer and dryer as described in her report. Seconded by Riah. All in favor.
- Jack to provide a list of sanitation supplies required for pool and hot tub to Chris.

Membership Report – Ellen R (via email)

Last meeting: November 18, 2023.

- Application Policy: Applicants have 60 days to complete the process; thereafter, they must start over once.
- Increasing membership: Discussed after-tour surveys, calling incomplete applicants, and member referral incentives for new "full members."

Membership Count as of 12/30/2023:

- Full: 365 (75.88%)
- FOM: 126 (24.11%)
- Total: 474 (Previously 518)

Waitlist as of 12/30/23:

- 26 men, dates ranging from 6/21/22 to 12/30/23. Last year at this time, 11 men were waitlisted.
- No men have cleared the list in months.
- Discussion about waitlisted men volunteering for a free visit.

New election results brought Michelle C. and James B. onto the committee, with Jason B. and Chuck J. off the committee.

Treasurer’s Report – Jim Buck

See attached PDF

- QB issues resolution by: 1/31/2024
- Fire Mitigation Plan: Currently unaffordable, to revisit later.
- Budgeting: Received numbers from membership and facilities; to follow up with Entertainment and Publicity.

Follow up to November Report
Continue to minimize expenses; $127K loss projected for 2023. Carla & Jim B to review the Fire Mitigation Plan.


Infrastructure Project Update – Jim Williams & Jack Williams

Details of project progress and expenses were discussed, including the pool refinishing and completion of stairs scheduled for spring. Electrical and stairs projects are ongoing to stay within budget.

Wildfire Planning & Mitigation Update

Grant writer submitted requests to private foundations, no responses received yet.

Technology & Wi-Fi Update & Recommendations – Uriah

Network is stable. Plan to replace devices and cancel services with Rise due to stability. Medical alert system postponed due to funding.

New Business


Next Meeting:
Regular Meeting – Thursday, April 11, 2024 – Webex at 4:30 pm

Motion from Riah, second by Jim W; unanimously approved at 5:44 pm.

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